odern gold gleaming towers and old architectural styles together witness the pass of time into dramatic cityscapes. Wondrous marvels of engineering define landmarks such as the CN Tower, recognizable anywhere in the world.

That and more, from entertainment to culture, from architecture to learning, from green open spaces and parks to the underground city, shopping, cultural diversity, gastronomy and much more, Toronto has it all. Visiting Toronto is an unforgettable adventure of discovery!


In the path through the University of Toronto you will experience the different types of architecture from significant Neo-Classic edifices, romantic Neo-Romanic buildings housing government and university faculties alike, enchanting Neo-Gothic castle-like structures, as well as modern mirror-like skyscrapers all of outstanding beauty.

As capital city of the province, in Queen’s Park stands the Ontario Legislative Building, a marvellous example of the Neo-Romanic at the turn of the century.


As Canada’s largest city, Toronto’s financial district is vibrant and dynamic. Surrounded by the Commercial and Entertainment districts, Toronto is alive with unlimited choices to experience what a large modern city has to offer.

Learn the beginnings of Toronto visiting the “Old Town of York”, Toronto’s first name. Discover the and elegant Yorkville area in what once was the outskirt of the city and why today movie stars walk about on trendy Bloor Street West every year in the autumn. Find out why the entertainment district is one of the most important in the English-speaking world.

Discover Toronto's kaleidoscope of cultures, architecture and history through the eyes of a local Tour Guide.


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lso, as the cultural capital of Canada, art and education fuse together. The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), The Royal Conservatory of Music, The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), and the University of Art and Design (OCAD), are just but a few of the educational, artistic, and cultural centres in Toronto.

Whimsical architecture defines learning centres for the development of arts, all within the downtown area. In Toronto there is always something of interest for everyone.