Discover the magic of Toronto on a private city tour — the most culturally diverse and largest city in Canada.

As the largest, multicultural city in Canada, Toronto's unique architecture, premier landmarks, diverse villages, ethnic neighbourhoods, hot spots—including the iconic  
CN Tower, the city's distinctive City Hall, Harbourfront, Chinatown, the Financial and Entertainment Districts, the Old City, and of course, the majestic Canada's Castle,
Casa Loma  swirl together to make Toronto a unique destination to experience what the most cosmopolitan city in the world has to offer.

Toronto is an adventure to discover!

Canada is a country of all the seasons: springs with colourful flowers, warm and quiet summers, autumns of multicoloured leaves, and winters of white magic.


I am the man in the hat! As your private tour guide, let me take you to a great adventure of Toronto and Niagara Falls!

Enjoy Niagara

Feel the mist on your face and the wind in your hair on a private tour of Niagara Falls!

Niagara Falls is an overpowering, awe-inspiring natural world wonder: 600, 000 litres of water thunder over the escarpment racing toward the renowned whirlpool rapids, a phenomena that has taken over twelve thousand years to form.
Below the falls, the Niagara River flows through a tranquil parkland of unparalleled sylvan beauty. Here, the Niagara Escarpment (itself a geological and ecological wonder) shelters one of the world's finest wine-growing regions, especially famous as the home of Icewine.

This comprehensive tour, will take you through the many points of interest that make this region a year-round tourist attraction. You will hear about the geological events that gave birth to the falls, and the historical events that took place in the making of Canada. This tour is just as educational and descriptive as it is fun.
I invite you to discover on a private tour of Niagara one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Niagara, one of the world's natural wonders!

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